Arkham (arkham1010) wrote,

My car was keyed today because of my political beliefs.

Before getting married, I purchased a shiny red Ford Mustang. Beautiful car. So beautiful in fact, that when I received my Obama 08 bumper stickers I taped them to the back window instead of putting them on my bumper.

I, like so many others, commute to work by train from the suburbs to the city. To get to the train, I have to park at a train station and leave my car.

About two months ago I got off the train to see a note under my windshield wiper. Opening it up, I saw that it was some anti obama screed, calling him a 'half n-gger commie traitor' among other things, and asked if I 'got rope?", a pun on one of the 'Got hope?' stickers. I shook my head and threw that garbage away.

Today I come home and go to unlock the car, when I see giant lines all up and down the side of my car. Keyed! I have been keyed!" The cops, unfortunately, can do nothing. Take it up with my insurance (HA!).

So i took the stickers off the back window.

They are now on the bumper.
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