Arkham (arkham1010) wrote,

guy i know works in the oil industry..

and i asked him about this whole gulf thing. This is what he said:

I just walked in the house to make me a glass of tea before I head back out to the garage so I'll summarize.

It's fucked.

This one case of human error and an inflated ego by a BP company man caused the worst environmental disaster in history and it will have a negative impact on ALL of us who bust our ass to make sure we don't do shit EXACTLY like this. Over the past 15 years the "oilfield" in general has become one of the cleanest and environmentally conscious industries because we know that any little mistake...any minor issue...will be blown out of proportion. This issue of the a lot of our opinions...has not been covered enough. The MMS being a corrupt agency and in the pocket of these major players has been known in our industry for decades and it only takes one morally bankrupt company like BP to fuck everyone.

To be honest. I don't think you would EVER see anything like from companies like Exxon or Shell. Especially on offshore rigs and since Shell adopted the offshore safety attitude for its land rigs about 8-10 years ago you will never see this on land.

BP is fucked and that's a good thing. None of us ever liked working with them or for them. They always try to change your safety rules to match theirs instead of making sure both companies rules are followed. Fuck em.

Oh...and I don't think the blade snapped. It went through the hammer union and now they'll have to knock off the other half or find a way to knock the diverter hose out of the way. If that's what it is. No idea. I'll make a phone call this evening though.
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